Boats for Sale Best Practices

Boats for Sale Best Practices

The easiest way to sell your boat is to communicate up front about all the benefits your buyers will enjoy purchasing from you. While the features of the boat are important, if you can highlight some of the ways that your boat will make their life more enjoyable (especially on the water), the selling part will come easier.

Here are a few boats for sale best practices for hassle-free transactions:

Highlight the Boat Features
While most buyers will be able to get a sense about what type of boat you selling by the year and manufacturer, if you want to appeal to a narrower audience you have to highlight more detailed features of the boat. Take pictures and describe in detail about the new fish-finder that was installed, the updated stereo system, the new engines, and the rooms below. Try to highlight what makes your boat stand out from all the others of similar make and model.

Meeting Once a Week
If the boat is still in the water, rather than meet with buyers everyday to take them for a drive, schedule all these trips once a week. Let buyers know what date you are showing the boat and how many people have already scheduled to come by for a drive. If a buyer is serious, they will not want to allow that many people to get a look at the risk of losing the boat and may come in with an offer to buy without driving right there. Being up front with your potential buyers will put them at ease and allow them to make more timely decisions when they know time is of the essence.

Be Prepared to Close the Deal
If you advertised the boat correctly with plenty of pictures and detailed descriptions, the buyers will come running. Make sure the boat is in spotless condition before you even list the ad because you may get an offer that day from a serious buyer who is ready to close the deal. A filthy boat is a deal-breaker for buyers because it can be considered an indication of how well you have taken care of the vessel. Have the boat in tip-top shape and have all your documents and papers ready to go in the event you get a full-price offer from the first person to see your ad.

If you laid out all your details in the ad, the buyers will understand how this transaction will need to be handled. If you have financing availalbe mention that in the ad, buyers with cash will still call and you but those that might need a payment plan will be more likely to put your boat on the top of the list. A Boatmo listing makes listing your boat with all the details, photos and features easy – so take the time to complete as much info as possible for happier sailing and selling!  Want more tips about boating?  Visit: – a great source for boater’s to check out!  And don’t forget the best place to start searching for those boats for sale is

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