1988 Frostbite Dingy X Class Miami, FL
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Price : $5,000
Listing Type : Antique and ClassicsSail
Builder | Manufacturer : Frostbite Dingy
Condition : Used
Year : 1988
Length : 12ft
Model : X Class
LOA : 12'
1988 Frostbite Dingy X Class
1988 Frostbite Dingy X Class

Frostbite Dinghies were originally yacht tenders adapted to sail for short course racing when traditional class boats were hauled for the winter season.  There were numerous styles, but essentially they were 11′ or 12′ overall with sliding gunter or leg of mutton rigs of 70 sq.feet of sail.  In early 1933, Rudder magazine had a design contest to develop a one design frostbite dinghy with strict class rules.  The specifics were

11′ 6″ length

4′ 8″ beam

72 sq foot sail

150 lbs weight

Although the Nick Potter B-Class design was the winner, the John Alden designs A, B, and X were the more popular boats in the east where winter dinghy racing had its origin.  All these boats were clinker built cedar on stem bent oak frames, a construction that is not economically feasible today.

Current Frostbiting is alive and well in the northeast in Interclubs and Penguins.  Both boats have similar specs to the original design requirements of the Rudder Magazine contest.

The specs of this boat are from the Rudder Contest X class association yearbook 1939. Sails, mast, thwarts, etc. have all been modified from previous boats but are similar to both the Potter and Alden designs.

Construction of this 1988 dinghy uses a fiberglass hull shell, plywood rudder, centerboard and truck. Rails, clamps, shelves, partner, and other wood parts are mahogany or oak to preserve as much tradition as possible.  Although modern hardware is suggested, it is not practical due to cost ad go fast items such as fangs, cleats, and hiking sticks are not permitted.

Boat is on a galvanized trailer in excellent condition.


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