Have a Boat for Sale? Buying a Boat? When Do You Need a Boat Broker?

Have a Boat for Sale? Buying a Boat? When Do You Need a Boat Broker?

Selling or Buying a boat without a broker may at times seem like selling/buying a home without a real estate agent. There are so many complexities to the sale that could really backfire if you plan on going at it alone. For most of us, not only will you be better protected working with a boat broker or dealer, the sale will be less problematic and should close in a shorter amount of time.

Consider these reasons why you should use a broker to sell your yacht or boat

Negotiating Fair Market Value
Your boat broker understands the value of your boat compared to those that have recently sold and those that are currently listed with the Multiple Listing Service. Your broker will inform you what maintenance needs to be done on your boat so that you can secure the highest possible selling price while still being competitive in the market.

Advertising Your Boat for Sale
Trying to sell your yacht or boat on your own and you are responsible for all advertising costs. The longer it takes to sell your boat, the more you are going to be paying to have your ad printed in the papers. When you work with a local boat broker, they have access to the best advertising forums and will make certain your advertisement gets the maximum exposure to your target audience. They are usually marketing numerous boats and yachts and have access to more clients than you would on your own. Many have extensive mailing lists and marketing tools that you as an individual will not have access too.

Consulting With a Boat Marketing Expert
One of the biggest advantages to working with a broker to sell your boat is the professional experience they have gained over the years. Now you have access to this information that can help you sell your boat for top dollars and faster than had you tried on your own. These experts have inroads to many buyers in the industry, and can put the word out to their local connections to help get your boat in front of the right audience.

Avoiding Troublesome Negotiations
Your boat broker is skilled at the art of negotiation. No longer will you have to deal with buyers who shoot out low ball prices in an effort to get the boat at the lowest possible prices. The negotiations will now be handled by the boat broker who will work as the middlemen and not only work to keep both parties happy, will make certain this process moves along as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

With the right boat broker, this transaction will have less issues and you will only have to take part once a serious buyer has committed to the deal. In many cases the boat broker can up the price to include their fees so that when it sells, you are making the maximum amount of money.  Check out our online Yacht and Boat Broker list and review qualified Broker/Dealers in your market area.

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